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How To Save On Car Insurance

Although the state of Connecticut requires drivers to obtain and maintain insurance in order to legally register and drive a motor vehicle, Connecticut does not require us to �overpay� for that motor vehicle insurance! Whether you are a newly licensed driver or a seasoned veteran, here are some quick tips to save money on your auto insurance policy:
  • Consider driving a less "flashy" vehicle - when able, avoid purchasing SUVs, convertibles, high performance cars, and other �sports cars� as they usually cost more to insure than many other vehicles.
  • When possible, do not submit small claims - since your insurance rates can be affected by the number of claims you submit to your carrier, you may be able to avoid premium increases by not filing claims for small or insignificant occurrences.
  • Install anti-theft devices - you may reduce your motor vehicle premiums by installing anti-theft devices in them such as auto-alarms and global positioning devices like Lojack.
  • Consider vehicles with safety devices - devices such as automatic seatbelts, air-bags, anti-lock braking systems, and day-time running lights � insurance companies usually offer discounts for these types of safety features.
  • The area in which you live and park your vehicle can have a direct impact on your insurance premiums as well. For instance, do you live in a high crime or low crime area, is your vehicle parked in a secured lot or garage, is your geographic area prone to extreme or dangerous weather such as floods, tornadoes and hurricanes? ETC�; depending on the answers, you can expect lower or higher insurance premiums.
  • Avoid violations on your driving record � speeding tickets, accidents, driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and other driving penalties can and most probably will increase your premiums a great deal.
  • Maintain a good credit history � many insurance companies now use personal and business credit ratings to help determine insurance rates.
  • Consider raising your deductible - the higher your insurance deductible is, the lower your premium payment will be.
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